bagajul e facut

trebuie sa ma strang si pe mine.


when harry met sally

I came here tonight because ...

I love that you get cold when there's 70 degrees out

I love that it takes you an hour and a half to order a sandwich

I love that you get a little crinkle above your nose when you look at me like i'm nuts

I love that after i spend a day with you i can still smell you're parfume on my clothes

I came here tonight because when you realise that you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible...

The third time we met we became friends....we were friends for a long time...and then we weren't.....and then we fall in love.....


You've got Mail Ending Most Memorable Sequence

over the rainbow bluebirds fly....birds fly over the rainbow....now why...why can't i ?!....


u kiss me la la la...

u touch me la la la....

oh boy ....



...a bit of advertising ( that i like :D )


Vai doamne ... i remember those days!!!! :D

anita : cum e la scoala??
Otilia : pai azi fu lung
Otilia : al naibii
Otilia : si l-am avut pe X o ora juma
Otilia : vai
Otilia : am murit
Otilia : iar si-a amintit de toti prietenii lui morti toti
Otilia : evident
Otilia : ca el ne ingroapa pe toti


Domenica vado a fare le castagne !!! :D:D:D:D

yuppiiiii yuppiiiii :D


..... and me ?!


Monique !!!!

Am scos capsha :o)
feel free to comment now :))))
Ma duc sa imi indrept parul ca am de lucrat la un proiect de grup si nu pot fara par intins :))))


What a day !!!!!!!!!

For a day dream ........................


The most beautiful bride ever!

Floricica mea, iti doresc din toata inima Casa de Piatra !!!!!!!!!!!! Sa fii fericita si drumul vietii sa iti fie incununat numai de bucurii si succese!!:o)

ps: si multi bebe gigea ca tine!

It's a sunny windy Sunday in Milan ! and I have the australian flu ! ;o)

Buy it use it break it fix it

Load it check it quick - rewrite it

Name it create it tune it print it !



TECHNOLOGIC ...............................


Voi cand ?!

Discutie la cafea intre baieti pe balconul meu ..
CAND SI DE CE SE FOLOSESTE SAMPONUL ANTI MATREATA?! ...Andrea a avut un vis ......as usual...

Il Razz del quartiere !

Hai ca azi sunt fericita ! :o)



I miss myself ...happy