A romanian girl in Italy..

Recently i came back from an exchange program in Milan.

I lived there for 5 months - the best experience of my life till now!

..i studied, i went out, i got new friends, i lived in the italian way - eating pizza,pasta,tiramisu,sfogliatelle,susine and many other...and i was happy to see italians actually appreciate each person for what it is, without judging you because you are.......romanian.

We all know about the crimes romanians commit in Italy and to be honest, as a romanian, i feel ashame of my people...italians should really take action against persons who act in such a bad way...I know I WOULD !

The amazing thing here is that italians don't have such ideas of bad behaving with a person only because others do shitty things. They take their time to know you better and when they achieve this they appreciate you for what you really are. If you are not their type,they simply ignore you, but if they like you, be sure you will feel appreciated and your self esteem will grow everyday! ( they will take care of it!! - italians do express their feelings in a very good and glamorous way :-), trust me. )

So, romanian people ! Don't be afraid of being judged in Italy for being Romanians! They will judge you only for what YOU are!

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Anonimo ha detto...

I must to see your "pub".
It seems a romantic place.

A friend

alien.r ha detto...

hai veramente ragione-nn devi aver paura di dire:"sono rumeno/a!"Se la gente ti giudica prima di conoscerti,è solo x ignoranza,nn x cattiveria..ma,il mondo nn è fatto solo di ignoranti!fatti
conoscere e dimostra ki sei veramente!un bacio a tutti:italiani e rumeni!

AlessiaStella ha detto...

Essere dell'est, della Romania, ecc. non significa essere illetterati, sporchi ed ignoranti, questo si sa.
Ti hanno trattata bene perche' sei donna, di carnagione chiara, educata. Comunque hanno a volte le loro "misconcezioni", diciamo la verita'. Succede.