Have u ever wondered why kids wihtout parents act strange comparing to kids who actually live with their parents? Who can hug so many kids that live in an orphanage? There are some ladies who "take care" of them...as in assuring nothing visible is missing..but can they show to those kids what love,affection,caring means?
It's an issue that should be resolved..it has been demonstrated that a person who doesnt get strokes in his childhood ( strokes- in a positive or negative way, preferable positive) will end up being a disaster in his life. We need strokes all our life, but due to the rules that we assume during the years, we stop asking for attention...let's face it..it would be very strange going to your boss someday and say :" can u please give me a hug? i really need it!" Children dont know anything about rules..so they ask for attention! In so many ways!
But kids that live in an orphanage can't ask for anything....they can..but to WHOM? and you know what they do then? They hug themselves...if u see such a kid, you have to admitt he acts kind of ..crazy...but in fact all he is trying to do is receveing some attention.....and maybe a bit of affection....
So...hey everyone! Let's give some warm hugs to everyone around us for whom we really care! It helps a lot! (it's demonstrated ;-))

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