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***Blue eyes***
People with blue eyes have the longest lasting relationships. They tend to be kind, pretty or handsome and are very good kissers. They are very satisfying in bed and love to please. They will EXCEED your pleasure standards.If you have light blue eyes you are peaceful with low physical endurance. If you have deep blue eyes you are spiritual, intense and connect with technology. If you have blue/grey eyes you are humanitarian with an altruistic nature.

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Blue eyes and low salary make perfect woman :)
By Sophie Borland

Blue-eyes, blonde hair, and most importantly on a salary considerably lower than her boyfriend or husband.
These are key attributes that define the perfect woman, if the latest survey if to be believed. According to recent poll of 66,000 men, their idea of the ideal female would also weigh a slim nine-and-a-half stones, live on her own and occasionally wear glasses.

The research, carried out by the online dating site ukdating.com, also found that 54 per cent of males would not date anyone who earns more than £25,000 a year.

Most men ranked "blue eyes" as the most important attribute followed by "long blonde hair", with "occasionally wears glasses" as third.

Intelligence was not a priority, but she must be "very good looking", have a "wacky personality" and "be optimistic".
The poll found that only 15 per cent of men would date a woman who had a pessimistic or cynical outlook on life.
Surprisingly they did not seem to mind how much time she spent on housework or in the kitchen, but "being good in bed" was certainly high on their priorities and ranked seventh on the list.
Men also do not appear to like women who are too tall, with just 20 per cent saying they would date a girl taller than 6ft.
Ideally she would own her own car, the favoured makes being a Ford Ka or a Mazda MX5 and enjoy regular trips to nightclubs, pubs and restaurants.
It is also important that she loves pets, is a non-smoker, and only drinks alcohol occasionally.
Her ideal profession would be in nursing or PR, the survey found, preferably earning between £10,000 and £25,000 a year.
David Brown, managing director of www.ukdating.com, which studied members' data to come up with the results, said: "While the old adage 'Gentlemen prefer Blondes' still holds true today, it's interesting to note that in this world of size zeros and calorie counting, men are more interested in height than weight, and prefer a medium build girl to a skinny girl.
"This research just goes to show that men are as selective with their choice of date as women are, and know exactly what they want."
The results contrast sharply to when the same survey was carried out by the website on women earlier this year.
It found that Mr Right must be a high earner on £60,000 a year who drives a Mercedes and lives in a £300,000 property in the home counties.

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