It's Monday !

And my internship just started!
And because first impression always matters...well...WOOHOOOO !!! I loved this day! :D

ps: thanks mirko for the picture ;)

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gelinlik ha detto...

very nıce web site

La piccola Milanese ha detto...

teşekkürler ! :o)
You have a very nice website too!!

Alessia ha detto...

Hands on experience and get your feet wet in your profession! I’m sure your internship is going to be more than an eye-catching entry on your resume. In bocca al lupo, Anita!

La piccola Milanese ha detto...

Ale!! :-) the second day was very nice too:o)
Pitty that Romania lost this evening...but hey! Italy won :P
Un bacio, vado a nanna che sono stanchissima e poi domani mi sveglio presto...

Roxx ha detto...

Foarte frumoasa poza ;)